UID Degree 2008 website


A few days, May 2008


Roberto Christen, Fredrik Nilsson, Fredrik Nilbrink

This project has 10 images


Landing page for the site. The graphic identity was developped by Roberto Christen. Despite the short deadline, we managed to port most of the elements to the web.

Some of the challenges were the non-aligned black line extending on both side and the sticky light green grass in the background.

The site was built using PHP and MySQL, but was ripped to static html files for final hosting.

Event view

This page shows the presenters and their talk.

BA program view

Each program has a page showing a long text and thumbnails for the student projects. This is directly adapted from the print booklet and doesn't use the web fully, but that's what we could do at the last minute, ~48 hours before the event.

Student project view

Contact info, email, links, phone + phone.

It's easy to do quickly for one page, less easy to do for 45 pages. Each project had to fit a basic template to avoid manual and painstaking copy/paste.

Student project view

Paddles on the left and right for navigating through all the projects. It could look better, but it works!

IxD program page

Student project view

Each student could provide many images and videos. The viewer (on the right side) allowed the images and videos to be played in the same div element. This was achieve with Javascript and FLV video flash player.

Transportation program view

Student project view

Another degree project.

Advanced Design program view

Same as the other programs.