Puce: electronics and microcontroller

Build prototypes for my Puce communication project. The goal for this project was to produce a little vibrating device to put under your watch. This unit responds to incoming mobile phone call. Two versions were built: one big (1:10 scale) to explain the concept, and a 1:1 scale model to best depict the actual objet.


4 months, 2004


Toma Dorta, Université de Montréal

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Development of the circuitry with basic components.

Proof of concept

Proof of concept, the blinking module (ordered on eBay) responds to incoming mobile phone calls.

Building the vibrating device

The various components need to fit in a very small package.

Small version vs demonstration board version

Both are working identically.

Glowing keypad

Glowing keypad: phone fitted with a LED. Rotating the keypad changes the color (green/orange)

Final module before packaging

Final module before packaging (casting in hot glue!)

Final working prototypes

Demonstration board version vs near 1:1 scale version