In Vivo - Camille Ouellette

Visualization, modeling and animation for a new environment friendly hot water dispenser. Various models were produced using Rapid Prototyping.


Spring 2005


Camille Ouellette

This project has 6 images and 3 videos

Visualization of the in-line heating system

Video mov, 640 x 480px , 2.15 MB

Overview of the concept

Detailed view of the inside

Cut-out details to show the working elements.

Exploded view

Exploded view of the reservoir + screw-on cap.

Generic view of the inside components

Pieces ready for RP

Pieces ready for Rapid Prototyping (proper STL files)

Proper RP files

Items are modeled with proper tolerance for perfect fit.

First animation test

First version animation of the continuous (in-line) heating system.

Video mov, 480 x 360px , 5.73 MB


Another quick animation showing the opening.

Video mov, 400 x 300px , 1.09 MB