Around the World 2011

From April to July 2011, Camille Moussette and Camille Ouellette traveled around the world. They explored New Zealand during 50 days, driving a rented campervan around both islands in the search of the best hikes and outdoor activities. They headed to Australia to visit friends, dive the Great Barrier Reef and hike in the jungle. The trip continued in the north hemisphere with a first stop in the far-east Russian peninsula of Kamchatka. They spent two week hiking in the Nalychevo national park amidst the volcanoes and hot springs. The final leg of the trip from Vladivostok was completed by train along the Trans-Siberian railway, with stops at lake Baïkal, Moscow and St-Petersburg. The Camilles returned to Sweden by train via Finland (and a short hop by plane at Vaasa). The photo book presents highlights and images of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


102 days, April to July 2011


Camille Ouellette

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Printed photo books

We made two versions, hardcover and softcover. We printed 15 softcover books to send to friends and family.

Map of our whereabouts

Driving and camper living in New Zealand

South island, New Zealand

Milford and Kepler hiking tracks

Kepler hiking track, New Zealand

Natural and artificial webs, New Zealand

Kayak hauling in the morning, Abel Tasman park

Lunch break in Abel Tasman park

Biking and hiking in the Coromandel, New Zealand

Hiking on the North island, New Zealand

Whitehaven beach, Australia

Whitehaven beach, Australia

Diving in the Whitesundays, Australia

Train stop between Vladivostok and Moscow

Lake Baïkal, Russia