Microsoft Research 2011

Research internship with Microsoft Research Redmond (USA). I joined the Computational User Experiences (CUE) group and explored haptics for Kinect.


3 months


Microsoft Research Redmond
Asta Roseway, Dan Morris and Desney Tan

This project has 9 images and 2 videos

Hand-crafted actuator

Testing the haptic prototype with Kinect

Check the video at the bottom of the page for details of the interaction.

Early sketch of an actuated box

Control interface in sync with Xbox development setup

User interface to adjust the many parameters of the haptic interface

Main control box, and four different haptic output boxes

The simplest box, with a vibrotactile motor

Wearable haptic exploration

Another haptic box, with Haptuator

Actuated boxes for directional cues

Design explorations for handheld boxes that give simple directional cues (front/back) in a Kinect-like setup.

Video mov, 640 x 360px , 6.25 MB

Haptic detents/notches over the depth axis

Video mov, 640 x 360px , 26.53 MB