+300 hours, 2008 - 2012


Pierre-Alexandre Poirier (graphic design), Annie Maurice (project leader)

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Initial graphic mockup

Pierre-Alexandre Poirier and the group came up with this initial proposal for the site. It was accepted by the board and served as a basic for much of my work.


Just before the launch (Nov 2008), it was decided to go with a red color scheme. I preferred the blue one, but the red one is ok too I guess.

The homepage displays news, recent forum entries and random images from the photos section.

Browsing members

This view let the visitors browse by years.

Browsing members

The visitors can also navigate by names to find their old colleagues and friends. A search option is available too.

To respect the University's rule for privacy, we decided to hide the last name of the users who haven't agree to publish their data or haven't access the system yet.

Profile view

A simple view to display the user's data and its classmates.

Each user can choose what to display, to various groups. Different settings are available for public, classmates or administrators viewing the profile.

Edit profile view

Users can edit their profile by login in on the site. The can change their picture (it is resized automatically) and modify various level of privacy settings. A few fields are available to add personal stories and memories of their time at the Design School.

Administrators have special fields to enter and track information for each users.


A forum for discussions and posting of news, competitions and job offers.

The forum system was tightly integrated with the rest of the site, so when a new user registers, a corresponding forum account is automatically created. Passwords are synchronized and special sections are private (only available to graduates of a particular year).

Photos section

The photos section present various albums of past works and more recent social events organized by the RAEDIUM.

The albums are processed by custom php scripts so maintenance and updates are easily accomplished.

Administration section

This section of the site is only available to certain groups of users (full admin, co-admin, professors, etc).

Most of the of admin tools and functionalities are accessible to this section. Admins can prepare, review and send batch emails, collect/review responses to email invitations, export data in Excel files, consult activity logs, approved lost password requests, and many other tasks.

Administration for news

An example of the administration view for managing news. The list of all entries is sortable and searchable.

Administration of privileges

Full administrators can fine-tune all the specific actions that users can and can not do on the site. This list is dynamic can be changed at any time.

This list restricts for example who can edit news and who can approve batch email messages.