UID Degree 2009 website

This website project was realized in a very short time, about a week before the event. The main objective is to present the degree projects of Umeå Institute of Design's graduating students.

The students' data was collected in an Access database, and then transferred to MySQL/PHP framework. The main challenge was to refine the visual presentation and navigation of the content under strong time constraints. The website was launched on time at the vernissage of the event, June 3.


50 hours, May-June 2009


Rohan Jaguste, Fredrik Nilbrink, Fredrik Nilsson

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The homepage presents the four programs (BA + 3 Masters) with a cropped image of a random project. This relatively simple behavior provides some dynamism in the content and avoid having to choose some projects over others.

Programs view

A simple four columns view to show the programs, a quick summary and the list of graduating students.

Selected program view

Each program has its own page with text detailing the curriculum and showing information about the corresponding program leader.

On the right, a random banner shows one student project, then a list displays all the names and projects for the batch.

Students view

A simple but quite effective matrix to show all the students in one view. Mouse-over reveals student's name and project title, plus highlights all the other students for a particular program. All the interaction is made with Javascript (fast and lightweight).

Profile view

This page present the student and his/her degree project.

Up to 10 images or videos can be published per student. The four text snippets on the left are linked to the images.

The video player was a bit tricky to implement for IE, but I found a workaround in the end. The difficulty came from having a viewer that supports dynamic images, FLV videos and with javascript controls.

Navigation to previous and next projects is provided with names pulled from the database.

Lightbox view

Full-size images can be viewed in a light-box format.