Eddy - in situ cleaning system

A 10-week project in collaboration with Whirlpool and Ikea about Interaction in the Kitchen. Eddy combines the two functions of washing and storage in one environment. Handling of kitchen items is minimized and the system provides a viable alternative for small kitchen environements.

The concept was presented with some 3D animations and a Flash interactive demo quickly showcasing the interaction and UI.


10 weeks, November-December 2006


Umeå Institute of Design

This project has 6 images and 2 videos

Sketch animation

Shows the sequence of loading the dishes and closing off one section to washing.

Video mov, 640 x 480px , 8.17 MB

Concept and overview

Shelves with washing functionalities. Dividers allow a limited section to be washed, reducing manipulation and minimizing energy resources.

Front view

Modular curtains can close off different parts of the shelves.


Kitchen tools and dishes are constantly moved and transfered during the cooking-eating-washing cycle.

The main idea of this project to combine washing and storage in the same location.

Washing + Storage

Dynamic and dual-purpose storage space.

Early sketch of the UI

Trying to see what works and what doesn't with the User Interface elements.

Test renders to visualize the idea

Option 1: sliding door from the side

Video mov, 640 x 480px , 6.90 MB

Semi-working Flash demo of the UI

Close the curtain from the top. Then adjust time (keys 1 and 3), press 8 to start the washing procedure, and 9 to end it.

Don't worry if it's not working smoothly. It never did!