Winston, the animated Teddy Bear

The goal of this Experience Prototyping project was to give life to an unanimated object. Using Phidgets and Flash programming, we were able to bring a Teddy Bear to life under four days of work.

A second iteration was completed and added video tracking to Winston: his head would follow the person showing up or passing by.


5 days, October 2006


Nick Alexander

This project has 4 images and 3 videos

Video showcase and how it works

Later during the semester, we decided to shoot a longer video of the project.

During the first part of the video, we present Winston and its interaction. In the second part, Nick and I go through how it was built, and how it works and development issues. Sorry the messy/nasty look!

Video mov, 491 x 360px , 58.40 MB

Winston getting excited

Sensors and switches inside Winston

We embedded a few switches into Winston so he knows when someone touches and cuddles him.

Winston and its electronic guts


The whole setup consists of a mechatronic teddy bear, a Phidgets servo board, a Phidgets InterfaceKit, some sliders, knobs and switches.

The project relies on two applications built in ActionScript 2.0. One for recording sequences (puppeteer mode) and the other for audio+kinetic playback (chaining sequences with basic logic).

Interaction with Winston

Video mov, 320 x 480px , 1.31 MB

First presentation of the project

After 5 days of intense work.

Video mov, 393 x 288px , 93.49 MB