Dumoulin Bicyclettes

Design and realization of the website for the Dumoulin bike shop. Dedicated section to maintain, add and edit the content.

The site has evolved over the years and now include a blog and other new features. The public front-end is a combination of custom PHP/MySQL code and Wordpress. The administration back-end was developed with CakePHP.


May 2006


Étienne Roy-Corbeil
Jean Lecompte

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This is the original homepage for the website (as of May 2006). The top banner is showing a random selection from a set of predefined images.

Folding bikes page

Overview of one category. Bikes are listed in two columns, sorted by brands.

Bike view

View of one bike. Multiple pictures with thumbnails.

The administrator can provide a text + details of all the parts for that particular model. Buying options and availability are also presented for each bike.

Administration section

After login into the admin section. Summary of last edits and notes from the developer.

Editing a category

The user can edit how each category is presented and listed on the site.

Edit bike

Form to edit each bike, its specifications and features, price and availability.

Multiple images can be uploaded and they are resized automatically by the system.

It is also possible to duplicate bikes to publish quickly a new similar or derivative model.

Edit item for sale

Items on sale are shown in various places on the site.

List of bikes

Overview of all the bikes published in the system. Ordered by year, name or visibility.