Information Handling in truck environment

Exploration and development of the information handling in the truck cabin. The project was based on users observation and interviews. The proposed system/interface was presented to executives from Volvo Trucks Inc. A working mock-up was also realized and evaluated.


10 weeks, Fall 2005


Krishna Prasad MN
Volvo Trucks AB

This project has 7 images and 1 video

Users studies

Users studies in professional context. Many days spent observing and documenting truck drivers.


Roadmap of the information handling + technologies

Keywords and activities map


Inspiration and benchmark in aerial traffic control system


Our intended integration: create a new medium with various qualities and functionnalities

Touchscreen tablet

Touchscreen tablet located in the dashboard. It has two units: one fixed and one mobile.

Augmented paper receipt

Details on the augmented paper receipt. The new medium conveys more information that an regular paper receipt.

Working Flash demo

Demo and testing of the flash prototype. Used on a portable Smart Display. [wrong size and orientation on this prototype]

Video mov, 240 x 320px , 7.26 MB

Flash demo

Try it! Beware that it was build with specific triggers and demo sequences in mind. It is not a fully working Flash file.