Photos of 2012

A selection of 10 images from 2012 that resonate with this year's activities and whereabouts.


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Crag Camp, White Mountains

A nice candlelit evening alone at Crag Camp while backpacking in the northern part of the White Mountains. May 2012.

Zip line, Batiscan river

A lot of fun with the long zip lines and via ferrata at Batiscan river, Quebec. June 2012.

Official transportation for my nailling ceremony

In Sweden, a PhD thesis is officially submitted by nailing it on a wooden plank in the main library. UID rector Anna Valtonen and I are riding from the design school to the main campus on a tandem. On the way back, I sat in the front seat and took control. This symblolic gesture is now the part of the official doctoral thesis submission in Umeå!

PhD defense, Umeå

In full action during my PhD defense, with my opponent Bill Verplank and I on the stage. October 2012.

Celebrating my doctoral degree!

Small haptic giraffe gifts are handed out to my PhD grading committee. From left to right: Kristina Höök, Jonas Löwgren, John Zimmerman, Bill Buxton, Bill Verplank. Missing in this picture is Daniel Fällman, my main supervisor. It was so amazing to have these IxD masters and gurus all in Umeå for my doctoral defense.

Tandem biking in Quebec

A good summer day out trying a tandem. Fast and scary. July 2012.

Stoffel and Ambra's wedding

A short visit in Bologna (Italy) for a great event, amazing food and delicious wine! August 2012.

Framebuilding course

The result of the 2 week course on bicycle framebuildling under the mastery of Dave Bohm, in Tucson, Arizona. December 2012.

Camille & Camille's wedding

Our sneaky wedding was celebrated in a nice local restaurant in Ahuntsic, with our parents. I will remember this dinner forever.

Snowshoeing in the Chic-Choc mountains

Amazing show condition during a day out in the Chic-Choc mountains, Gaspésie. December 2012.