Photos of 2011

A selection of 10 images from 2011 that resonate with this year's activities and whereabouts.



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Dog sledding in Yukon (Canada)

Dogmatic, sledding dog extraordinaire, has raced 6 Yukon Quest editions.

A short but amazing visit in the Yukon to meet Melanie, Crispin, Yoann and their majestic wooden cabin in Carcross.

On our way to Mt-Baker, Washington (USA)

Chao, Jannes and I enjoying a weekend of wet snow.

Track cycling at the Burnaby Velodrome, Vancouver (Canada)

Third time riding on track. And this one is steep, with 47 degree corners. I'm totally sold! Now I just have to find a track nearby :-)

Feijoas, New Zealand

This fruit is super delicious. Too bad it doesn't grow locally in Scandinavia.

Street Art in Melbourne (Australia)

I touched a big turtle!

Diving in the Whitesundays (Australia)

0 star accommodation in Kamchatka (Russia)

It might look awful from the outside, but we slept so well inside. Highly recommended overnight stop before the big mountain pass.

Biking the Isälvleden near Umeå (Sweden)

Amazing mountain biking trail in the Swedish backcountry.

Chao learning to bike!

Sharing a flat in Redmond, Washington (USA) during my Microsoft internship. Chao started biking to work with me, and he was not always in full control. I'm glad he is still alive today :-)

Cork tree in Madeira (Portugal)

Nice hiking adventures after the TEI conference.