Exp. Prototyping 2010

The Experience Prototyping course is a 5 week long course part of the Interaction Design Masters program at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. It is offered to second year students during the third semester of their studies. The main educational objective of this class is for the students to learn how to bring (envisioned, present or future) experiences to life via various prototyping skills and techniques.

The program for this year’s edition is the following:

Week 1: Stop Motion and Design Evidencing
Week 2: Video with Canon 7D, Arduino, Wireless communication
Week 3: Haptics workshop
Week 4: Mobile hacking
Week 5: Interactive Lighting

More info and details on the course wiki.
Course responsible: Camille Moussette


5 weeks, October-November 2010


Invited tutors: Timo Arnall, Matt Cottam, Brian Hinch, Georges Paravantes, Mikko Pitkänen, Daniel Hirschmann, Karsten Schmidt

This project has 3 videos

Weekly video report from Joachim Falck-Hansen

Video report from Joachim Falck-Hansen covering the first week module of the course: stop motion as a prototyping tool

Video mov, 640 x 480px , 25.50 MB

Weekly video report from Lauren Javor

Video report from Lauren Javor concerning the second week module of the course: video with Canon 7D, Arduino and Wireless communication.

Video mov, 640 x 480px , 39.36 MB

Weekly video report from Jennifer Sarich-Harvey

Video report from Jennifer Sarich-Harvey concerning the third week module of the course: Haptics workshop.

Video mov, 640 x 480px , 24.51 MB