Exp. Prototyping 2009

The Experience Prototyping course is a 5 week long course part of the Interaction Design Masters program at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. It is offered to second year students during the third semester of their studies. The main educational objective of this class is for the students to learn how to bring (envisioned, present or future) experiences to life via various prototyping skills and techniques.

The program for the Fall 2009 edition:
Week 1: Stop Motion
Week 2: Phidgets, Arduino, Literature
Week 3: Mobile Interaction
Week 4: Multitouch, protocols
Week 5: Processing

More info and details on the course wiki.
Course responsible: Camille Moussette


5 weeks


Invited tutors: Julien Vallée, Matt Cottam, Brian Hinch, Ru Zarin, Karsten Schmidt, Reto Wettach, André Knörig.

This project has 4 images and 1 video

Stop motion as prototyping tool

During one week, the students were introduced to stop motion tools and approaches in order to convey quickly and efficiently design ideas/concepts.

Fritzing workshop

During the last weekend, students discovered the process of making custom electronic boards (PCB). They were introduced to Fritzing and subsequently got to etch, drill and solder their own Arduino shield.

Arduino and wireless communication

During one week, I introduced various methods of using Arduino and wireless communication via Bluetooth, Xbee, RF and other protocols.

Poster of the Fall Summit 2009

The 2009 Experience Prototyping course ended with a three event titled Fall Summit. The event presented international speakers about the cutting-edge Interaction Design topics, and offered a workshop on how to design and build PCB boards using Fritzing. The poster was designed by Pierre-Alexandre Poirier, a student of the course.

Stop Motion Red Puck movie

By the IxD2 MA students and Julien Vallée, October 2009

The first week of the Experience Prototyping 2009 course was dedicated to stop motion. Julien Vallée from Montréal (Canada) led the workshop and introduced various low-tech techniques to build evocative stop-frame videos.

The last exercise of the week was a collaborative work, where each student had to animate a red dot, from the left to the right of the canvas. The in-between sequence was totally open for exploration and total creativity.

This movie is the quasi-final version of that exercise. It is missing Terry's sequence. Huge thanks to Julien Vallée for this very inspiring week.

Video mov, 640 x 472px , 16.98 MB