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COOP Les Faux Monnayeurs

CDC Laurier

HAPI: haptic interaction for mobile devices

Eddy - in situ cleaning system

Water interface

Jaime Numéro

Winston, the animated Teddy Bear

Bouncing Chaos

Alain Trudel

Saboteur Musique

Dumoulin Bicyclettes


Kiosque Tohu - Karine Simard

Multi-Layering Graphics

Information Handling in truck environment

Phileas Fogg


Transat Des Sables 2005

Mobilier Lacasse


PIXI Studio

In Vivo - Camille Ouellette

Thomas & Betts - Pixi Studio

Agency IN

HaHaHa Water Bottle

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Garden shed

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Kite photography

Puce: electronics and microcontroller

Puce [responsible communication]

The Snow Show 2004

Symbiose - Exposition des finissants 2004

3D gallery 2003-2005

Pencil sharpener POULPO

µ∏ closure

Richard Humann - Ghost Trails


MonARch 2003 Indoor Ski Jump Project

The Snow Show 2003

ice forest


The Snow Show

Centro millenium

C4 cubes


computer graphics: road bike